Sunday, February 26, 2012

Foreclosure, money, and fear...

Hmm not sure how to even start this post other than it is more a blog about me and what is going on in my life which will in a sense still has a lot to do with this city because it is about my vision and life. So greetings from my favorite coffee shop, Plan B. I am here with my carmel latte and Turkey Royale sandwich ready to bare all to you and explain what has been going on in my life. And yes this is not just about me... the result is a higher and more profound thing than some nice story... So last March I was blessed to start renting a house in uptown Minneapolis. The house is so amazing and I would live there forever most likely but it seems that I will be moving out in August. I have a landlord that has been very hard to get ahold of and being the farm boy I am I mostly would fix the problems myself. I enjoy doing work around the house and yard so that was not that big of an issue to me. But problems with heat have arisen and furnace problems so I was unable to fix unless I wanted to spend money out of my if you get the drift I have a slumlord. I never thought I would be a person in a predicament as such but here I am now laughing over it. We really have control over nothing in our lives- well maybe a bit but not much...So as I said the house I live in will be given back to the bank very soon and my deposit has been floating in the air... I have been so tired of dealing with the landlord, the roommates, and many other things. I have become full of fear over loosing my deposit and not being able to make it. I have trusted the Lord in many, many circumstances within this house situation whether it was over roommates not being able to pay, or roommates moving out... The Lord has always provided so why would I be freaking out about resigning a lease for 2 more months and wondering if I would not get my deposit back? I know trusting God is so hard and I believe I will never fully trust but must fully rest in His arms. Getting back to the story of this huge ordeal, my landlord had agreed to a new lease agreement with lower payment and then decided 2 days later not too, so I made up a new lease agreement only to be again turned down... he finally told me to write up a different one that secured my deposit. Well 4 days passed and he never signed it. After this process of trying to get a lease signed by him, talking to tenant lawyers, contacting the foreclosure dude that is working with the bank and landlord I became totally spent and drained. 3 weeks of this back and forth was too much for me. I mean I am not even married and am just a young man... I would pray to God and say things like, "what else are you trying to teach me through this, haven't I endured enough. I have communicated and been nice..." I was beginning to get angry with God, why was he not standing by me? Why was he allowing the enemy to taunt and take advantage of my money and time. Why wasn't Christ fighting for me and bringing justice to my situation. In these 3 weeks I could not even talk to those who cared about me. And if I did it was very surfaced because this problem was welling up in me to the point of explosion and it hurt my spirit so much. Well on Friday I was telling my girlfriend about it and the tears and anger just came out. My heart was wide open and I just stoped told her I needed time to sit and think and be with the Lord. It is in those times that your heart is open that we can see the Father. It is because the places that Christ wants to heal so bad and take our pain is that of in our hearts. I sobbed away and was yelling at God in my head I heard these words, "What about my deposit Nathan." What was he telling me? I thought about that for a long time and this is what I learned and how the Lord took my anger and replaced it with an attitude of thankfulness and joy. I was worried that I may not get my huge deposit back and felt betrayed by my landlord and taken advantage of. He wasted my time many times. He communicated horribly to me over the several different lease agreements, he was taking my rent money and not paying his bills but spending it all on himself. He has a new Escalade... The Lord showed me that this landlord was me in regards to him... well maybe not entirely but in regards that Christ has saved me from the snares and trap of death and has redeemed my life. He has invested heavily into my healing and has essentially "deposited" much into my life. Here my heavenly Father was saying don't waste my deposit Nathan I want that back and I have plans for you that will make my deposit more than I have put down! My Father was sitting with me in this painful time saying words of love and showing me how I have not totally been living for Him. Showing me how I have been selfish in my ways and not talking to him as my landlord to me. He was showing me how many times I try to rewrite things to better suite me when in all reality it is not the right thing. He was showing me how I truly am a broken and mean hearted dude without His love and touch. I felt like crap! I felt so much pain over what was going on with my landlord and I understood that those feelings I had given my Father, my Christ, my Savior... But then after a while I got an image of being in Christ's arms and Him looking at me with joy. He was also crying. I was making him sad over how I had been acting? I repented and then it was like the Lord said, I am crying with you not because of you. Your sins are gone, I have interceded for you so the Father sees you as clean and the purest when He sees you He sees me. So Nathan do not spend this deposit I have invested in you. Be wise and be true to me! Love me and praise me, do not give it away for the world...

So much more of this moment is not written but I wanted to share with you to ask how is your deposit? Are you spending it or is it growing. What areas have become unbearable and unmanageable? Also I hid for 3 weeks from all who truly loved me because I didn't want to talk about the reality of the situation...well it is in those times of hiding that the devil brings even more lies and fears... so if there is something tell a trusted friend and tell God, yell, scream, do whatever you have to get it up and out and then allow the Father to speak into the hurts and depths of your heart. The Lord truly has great plans for me, for you, and for this city. Even though many times we can not see it at all...the learning experience and the journey is worth learning about grace and peace. 5 days after writing the last lease agreement the landlord signed!

When peace like a river attendeth my soul... it is well, it is well with my soul.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Broken foot, broken truth?

So as you may already know from past posts I have broken my foot. I did not have to get a cast, but have been stuck in a walking boot for 4 weeks and will have to stay in it for at least 4 more weeks. It was a blow to me this morning after feeling no pain in my foot to hear from the doctor and see on the x-ray that my foot was still broken, not healing, and in all actuality looked more broke then when I first broke it. So let me share with you some of my thoughts that have come since this morning. I have such a desire to spread the truth of Christ Jesus to this community that is lost. They do not know that the love they desire is Christ. They are thirsty for Him, but are looking in the wrong areas: girlfriends, boyfriends, partners, drugs, clubs, you name it-really anything that brings them that momental place of bliss or feeling good about themselves. I don't want to sound conservative and there is one way to everything but in the sense of finding true authentic saving love there is only way. Call me whatever you wish but that is the truth. Years back I found myself buying clothes and grooming myself just so I would get attention, so people would see me and want to know me. I desired relationship so bad that I found myself opening up to people who didn't even care. But in the moment it felt good and I felt love. So please hear me out I have been there! So back to the point about the broken foot. Our culture has broken truth. Many people and phrases are leading people away: Live life for today, drink be merry for tomorrow you may die, its just a hookup, everyone does it, its only pot, being saved will bring you physical money... These phrases stem from something bigger...phrases that started from darkness. I believe the more truth and light that comes to a place the more opposition that will come because it responds to the light. Satan wants nothing other then people living ordinary lives never experiencing who they were truly created for. Since my broken foot especially today, though I think it has been good for me to sit down and relax in the presence of the Lord, I was very frustrated that it was not healing. I felt so much old desires, my past surfaced... I felt unloved. I was upset that I felt unloved, I was mad that at myself for my past and the dominos started to fall. And all over one thing- a broken foot. I did not stop to pray or to sit with the Father but dialogued with darkness- the lies, or should i say the phrases that are second best for me. I started to think why not do this or that- it is so much easier then ... AND THEN IT HIT ME... feeling my pain! See I was not created to ever feel pain, loss, hurt, rejection and either were any of us but because of some second best phrases and desires to be all knowing earth and all of creation has been cursed. Thus in order to experience this great and glorious life we must endure pain, but that is not the end of the story. Pain can cause us to see the deeper issue and see the bigger picture. As I was thinking this I was reminded that the Body of Christ will stump and crush Satan with their OWN feet! And here I am with a broken foot. The very part of the body that is used to signify the destruction of Satan. I am a threat to Satan. He sees how much the Lord loves me and will use me if I connect and press into the pain instead of shutting down. Satan knows my heart to spread the gospel and simple love of Christ. He is clever and I take this not lightly that my foot being broken and needed to sort through more pain has nothing to do with ministry or resting in the Lord more...BECAUSE it has everything to do with that. I will not stop I will fight! I do not want second best for myself, my family, my friends, or community. I want us all to see the true light and spread that light. Yes there is darkness all around but the light is growing! PRESS IN my friends, do not give in the easier solution of love for yourself. Experience the Father's love. Do you realize that Christ took everything we have done and will done upon Himself to reveal His love and grace to you? His purity and perfect: fulling best gave us the opportunity to be the best! And in addition makes us presentable to the Lord God- who is our Father. The Creator of the world looks down and does not see our old rags, does not see us as second best humans that screwed up but sees us as love. We cause Him to have that twinkle in His eye. He sees us as perfect and a good gift. SO broken foot, broken truth, broken relationship, broken family, broken perspective, broken self worth, broken sexuality, broken sexually, broken by abuse... whatever it is PRESS IN... sit with the Father of all fathers that can see your pain but also sees and calls you who you truly are. The beloved one of God. He sees you and is full of joy! Let us together not settle for second best phrases or lives. Let us rise up and claim our inheritance. The enemy will haunt us and try hard to get us to live like everyone else but STUMP him out by resting assured in Christ that our Father God loves us and calls us by name to His throne and says Beloved I released you from the snares of death now continue to live in my reality!

Broken foot stinks but these thoughts today have caused me to rejoice over this annoyance. Praise the Lord.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Living Dead?

Frankenstein comes to haunt and destroy, we all know that. The concepts and realities of zombies have become the new crave. Not only do people think they are cool and the new thing but people actually believe they are probable. Some say Jesus was the first Zombie. The reality of this new crave is something that I do not take lightly for the city I live in. I just attended a near 10,000 person festival. Known as the Terror of Two Cities. We broke the Guinness world record for most zombies in one place. I bought my ticket and makeup and looked really authentic zombie. Getting ready and chatting with friends was by far more fun then any other part of the evening. Not only did I cover up one of my eyes I also broke my foot so I had to walk in a boot. Now maybe with both of those together I became tired, grumpy, and down right angry that I left early. But I do have to acknowledge the prayer that was happening before and through this event. For this reason I do not blame it on my physical limitations but simply believe the Lord wanted to enlighten my eyes to see “The Rest of the Story.” I had read from my parent that Zombies come from an ancient belief and practice of Witchcraft. This is not surprising after attending such a spectacular and unforgettable night, but also because their are many in my city that practice Witchcraft and Satanism...not sure how to spell that. At any rate, this is what I learned and some thoughts of my inner being. Walking all over to band to band I saw people aimlessly walking, loud ruckus, zombie walking, swearing, horrible music all about sex, drugs, and more sex. That is the main reason I left other then a throbbing foot was the music and I can not even repeat in writing the words that made me yell inside so loud that I left quickly. I am not sure if you know the movie, “Night of the Living Dead” it is an older movie I think it came out in the 60’s but imagine 9,598 people zombified and walking like the living dead. As I waited for the train to come I thought wow though we dress up and pretend that we are the living dead, the sad reality is that many are living dead. My heart went out for that crowd. Now I understand and realize that not all people there are Satan worshippers or whatever you want to think is bad, but the reality of their souls and what they are searching for. I believe that they have a longing and passion to be loved and to be known. A deep passion was formed in my heart to be more opened minded and realization that many many many people around me are walking dead- they are not zombies, but they are my friends, my family, my co-workers... and I asked myself how often do I walk dead? Do I feed from the source of Christ or am I feeding off of “brains”-zombie food- from the world and what others say or believe. So to sum up my time there I know that I was to go to this festival this Zombie Crawl because the Lord wanted to widen my love and passion for this city.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Needs someone to have faith in him...

It has been way to long since I have last wrote on here. There are a couple reasons: really busy with school, personal life, and lack of motivation to write or too busy. But I will say that the Lord has been just as busy in bringing the name of Christ to people even more to this amazing city. Jesus has a raging desire to release His love and compassion on us! So without any more of my words let me tell you what happened today!

I just broke my foot and feel so helpless. I can not buy groceries and shop by myself, I cannot drive: though I have a couple times, I am unable to carry my bowl of cereal or take my laundry down to the basement- but today I threw it in my backpack and downstairs I went. 20 minutes later I was finally back upstairs. I have taken two naps in the last two days and feel great.

I decided to crutch over to one of my favorite coffee shops, Namaste, and have a chai tea. I put my Bible in my back pocket and my journal in my pants and belt. I was planning on reading the book of Job, hence my injury and many other things that have happened in my life just in a weeks time. I got there and sat in my normal spot. The right hand corner of the deck. I got situated, elevated my foot and was just about to read when a guy came up and asked if he could use my cell. I thought here is a gruff guy that is going to walk away with my cell since I won't even be able to stand up before he would be far gone. Well I thought for a while and said yea sure. He made some calls and then we started talking. He told me that it was very nice that I trusted him to use my phone especially since I had a boot on and was on crutches. His name is Matt. He is a father of two, divorced, and has experienced much of life that thankfully you reading this and I writing this will never go through. He came to Minneapolis to do some work that did not work out and is now homeless. My heart sunk for this man. I could tell that he was clean because not only did we talk for three hours but I heard his whole story! I felt so blessed and honored that he told me about his whole life, the good, the bad, and the ugly. He was so open to me and that to me showed that he was real, not some guy that wanted to get some food or money. He was authentic and friendly. I told him about the Lord and how no matter what our past is, though we suffer the consequences, the Lord tells us to let them go and pursue His face. We continued to talk and the conversation had shifted from each another's stories to just plane old chat. I had just made a new friend. A friend that had no phone, no place to stay, no family, no one that believed in him. I felt so pulled to help him out more than just the chai tea that I had bought him.
I have a three seasons porch on my house and can lock the door so I decided to tell him that he could stay in there at night so he did not have to worry about getting hurt or attacked which I guess happens a lot in homeless situations...who would have thought?!
I can not explain or even describe his face. He was so excited and was so thankful. He kept saying thank you brother. I also called my friend up and lined up a job for him.
NOW already someone told me that letting him stay is a very bad idea and I assure you that I have weighed the odds, but when does weighing the odds have to be chucked out of the door and moving in faith and some oddly degree of gut and trust need to take place. Who am I to say no to this guy? He needed someone to believe in him, just as the Lord does and to operate in loving him, would he be the present day leopard? or the present day adulterer? I do not know but I do know one thing, I want to follow the heart of Christ in this city and hence my desire to read Job: which is all about a man who loved the Lord with all his heart, finds everything he owned and children to be taken away, then his health, and later his whole life was in the I thought what is the most important aspect of my life...the Lord and relationships with others in that context. SO I have a homeless man living in my three seasons porch- but I would tell another person that I have a new friend named Matt, who is a friendly and happy man that cherious' the small things in life. The Lord is moving in this city and I pray I can follow even if it sounds like something very different. Jesus was on this earth for a short time and in His last three years He did many things out of the ordinary. Be Radical, Be the Change, Be Christ... soon this earth will be renewed and we will walk with Christ looking and aweing in His beautiful creation! But till then may we learn and begin to have and be part of glimpses of that to come!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Coffee Talk

So I have been super busy lately with work and many other things that I haven't had time to breath! However, I thoroughly enjoy going to my coffee shop-well it is not mine, though I would like to think it is. I like everything from the geographical setting in the city, the people, the coffee, and the music. Tonight I went with nothing to do except read a book I bought. The book is called Crazy Love. I never even opened it tonight though. Here is some of my thoughts and dreams that happened tonight. I got there around 11pm and there were many new faces there. It was super busy for the barista, so after she served them coffee she stepped outside to make a phone call. Meanwhile a woman got up to order a drink so I told her that the barista had just stepped out and would be right back. She looked a little sad. She must have wanted her Italian soda very badly. But she sat down and returned to the conversation she was having with her group of friends. The night went on I never saw her get up to order her drink. So I asked her if she wanted that drink and she said yes. Long story short, I told her as she was ready to pay that I would get it for her. She looked at me as if in shock. But I told her that I wanted to get it for her because she had waited for a long time, though the barista didn't even know. The point is she was flabbergasted that a total stranger would pay for her drink. It got me thinking, why did I. I was sure she had more money in her bank account as I but that was not the point. I think I need to start being more aware of my surroundings... okay so how do I put this. Though it was no ones fault she did not get her drink, paying for it revealed that she was worth getting it when she wanted. I pray she realizes that too. I think so many times we pass up opportunities to show how much we care about peoples well being and their souls. We see someone walking down the street with his or her head hung low and pass up an opportunity to smile. Is it not those moments to spread love and hope? More to come about that later.

So I have had a dream of opening my own coffee shop for over the last year and it has become more pressing on my heart. I have had many wishes and dreams of how the place will look and where it would be at and such. I long to create an atmosphere of community that extends over racial, cultural, gender, and age differences. Muddy Waters is that place. So what does this have to do with starting my own coffee shop? Well tonight as I was helping the barista close shop she told me that Muddy Waters was relocating to a bigger place. Something inside of my spirit jumped. For the first time everything made sense. Maybe the Lord is creating such a love for this place because I am to continue here. Not sure, but will continue to pray about it. I am young, I am poor BUT I have a passion that is not of self but is from the Lord. SO I will run after this lion in heavy pursuit! All I need is money!!! I am not worried about those things as of right now because all I have is my dream. If the Lord wills, He will make a way! I believe that with my whole being. So please be in serious prayer about this. I am going to start running hard after this and looking into the details of renting and other things. I write this in my blog just to encourage you all to run after your dreams. The less we have the more glory God will receive when He makes a way. Sometimes I think people want to be safe, have money set aside-which is great and WISE; however, I pray fear of the unknown and societal "norms" don't stop me from pursuing my passion and dream. SO here goes nothing, either way if this is a go or no go-my Loving Redeemer will show up as He already has in my own life! Blessings to you this 2011. Strive hard and push into your dreams or for that matter into the areas of hardship and struggles. Sometimes not knowing what to do or where to go is the best thing that can ever happen to us because it is those times when Christ has to intervene and lead us back to victory. His arms are always open. Give glory to God in 2011! Not to us, but to HIM, who was, and is, and is to come! This city is the Lord's and I am blessed to even be part of what He is doing in it!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Self Hatred... YOU ARE WORTH IT!

So tonight was not was I was expecting. I went to my favorite coffee shop to interview a woman of another religion, but do to weather and the common cold she was not there. I was not eager to go either, as I have not been getting much sleep because of a busy schedule. But, I was hoping maybe she would be there, even though I knew in the back of my mind she stayed in tonight. So after hesitation I went to honor my commitment and to show her respect just in case she did come to chat about her faith. Well, I got there and she wasn't there. Luckily I had brought some books to read but the Lord had other plans. I was in to be surprised and blessed by the Lord. I knew almost everyone there like usual as all the regulars were there. So I started talking to a group of my friends and to make this story shorter after saying my hello's I sat down at a table that two of my friends were sitting at. There was one girl, who I have known since for about a year and a gentleman I have known for around 7 months. I never really knew much about their life stories other then that they have been sober for some time and are being victorious over the clenches of alcohol. I sat down in the beginning of a conversation. The woman was asking the guy what his thoughts were on this guy that she had been getting to know and had had sex with once and then he made known to her that he did not want a relationship and didn't want her to fall head over heels for him. They asked my opinion and I told her how sorry I was for the way he had, in a sense manipulated her. Then I told her, that it sounded to me that this guy had alot of issues and hurt that he ruled and dampened by taking control of situations to feel better. In the situation of sleeping with her and now in wanting her to NOT FALL FOR HIM. I told her that maybe he really just wants to have a woman pursue him and tell him that he is a good guy, since he already had written in a note how he was not worth it and would only hurt them in the end. The word brokenness came to my mind. I told her that if I was in her place I would try to cut off communication with him because I think he has a lot of things he needs to get straightened out in his life... This may be hard to follow but I write this to testify that the LORD is pursuing this city and capturing our hearts!

She told me that she kind of likes guys that don't have it together and have emotional and connecting problems. I asked her if that was because of her past and if she thought she did not deserve better. She agreed and soon we were talking about self-hatred. I told her that as a Christian I believed that a sin was a sin. That God sees all sins as equal, that cheating and gossiping is just as bad as having sex or doing drugs. I went on to explain how we as humans cap some sins as worse, like how sex affects our very body as gossiping doesn't but in God's eyes He, a righteous and true God, sees all sin as sin. There is no sin to great or to small. I then shared a bit of my story and how shame of my past failures and such had hurt my so bad I didn't think I was worth it. But even though our past has affected us it does not have to affect our future. The past in gone and that we can start fresh. I told her that her she was worth it. That Christ created her as a good gift. She was not quite convinced. I said it doesn't matter if you believe me or not, but you will- its a long and hard process. Self-hatred brings you to your core but you will one day see your self as lovely and worth it. She was telling me how she really liked this guy even though he did not have the best motives. I linked the rules of AA in the conversation as she is in AA. I told her that she should write a list of triggers that set her to believe or fall for this type of manipulative men or how she deems herself for second best. I told her that when you on are a high and doing well in AA you will tell trusted friends your triggers of going to the bar so they can help keep you accountable and such. I said write the list when your on that high level so when your low you can read it and be reminded that you are worth it. She told us that she really wasn't worth it. I told her to think of a person in her life that she thought was worth it and write out why they are and say those things as if it was about her. Then I said even though you don't believe it for yourself the more you say these truths the easier it will to have victory and the sooner you will realize you are worth it! We talked for an hour and a half and I was so grateful to share bits of my story and things that I have had to work through. She is worth it, God does not make a person that is not worth it. I am no more special in God's eyes as someone who cannot walk or someone that has a sever handicap. We all have a purpose. Our identity goes to the very core of who we are! We all have wounds and hurt cause by the world, our family, friends, and our choices, BUT there is always hope of restoration in Christ. What I am so thankful about tonight is how God leads us to places for His glory and in His timing. This woman is a beautiful woman that needed to be reminded that she is good down to her core, that the past doesn't define her. That though she may feel she is ugly and cannot get any better is a lie that is hindering her from living in peace and total joy! The Lion is on the move in this city and will not relent! I gave her a hug and said good night and told her not to worry about what to do next that it would work out. She was thankful for our talk and told us she had was never told some of this stuff before. She is an intelligent woman that knows what to do and how to do it. She overcame her addiction to alcohol she can overcome this too! But we all need to have communities of friends that will speak out the truth when we cannot see it for ourselves. We all have problems and healing and sharping comes in community. If you are holding on to something in your past let it go. YEAH it will be hard, but grasp the beauty of the process and experience freedom to live life to the full. Christ died for our sins and desires to take your sins and your failures and give you a renewed life. Know this, YOU ARE WORTH IT. Educate yourself on what triggers you to suffice for second best and remind yourself of who God says you are at your core and conquer the lies with the blood of Christ. LET FREEDOM REIGN IN THIS CITY LORD! SHINE FORTH YOUR LOVE ON THIS PEOPLE!

May we encourage and affirm each other in who we are. Because the truth is, life is hard and we forget that we are worth it.

I am overjoyed by how the Lord is working in His people. He is calling us all home and revealing to us that we are wonderful and a good gift. What a great reminder that we all tend to forget DAILY. I love these people- I love this city. I have my plans, but God has even bigger plans, I am blessed that I get to just go along for the ride.

So I am so glad I went to the coffee house tonight, even though I am so tired, I saw the Lord touch our hearts to the core of who we are! We have such an amazing Father.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rushed, Busy, Tired, Broke...BUT Ready, Willing, Content, and Rich

I love my city! I really do! I can not say there is many reasons not to like the neighborhood or people that I live by. I am constantly reminded of God's power and love for His people when I am surrounded by others that are seeking "better" things. To clarify- I see and talk to many people that are so busy they just want to feel peace and have rest. I talk to many others that have huge issues in their lives that they are battling and desiring to see change come quickly. Okay so before I get on my high horse about the love I have for these people I will share just a couple stories that have happened over the last month.

I continue to go to this coffee shop that is filled with diversity in every area you can think of: culture, social, ethnicity, political... and I go there and can talk to everyone. I usually now everyone at every table. One table is full of the AA people that are doing so great in their sobriety. These young individuals know there is a higher calling to their lives and are continuing to seek that out! I was talking to this couple that is gay and the women are so social and open about their lives with me it blows me away. The one woman is having problems with her ex husband. She is having difficulty with the day care situation with her two children. She is a full time student and is trying to make ends meet. I was overcome with love for these women while I was listening to them talk. I have to talked to them numerous of times but something clicked tonight. I could help babysit when I had time off! So maybe some people would think I shouldn't either because of political stances or because I am just a casual friend of the coffee shop, BUT the Lord desires to share His PERFECT love to these people and I desire to a vessel of His love and redemption. I pray that I will have time to help her out some time soon. I write this not to toot my horn- because, frankly, I can not boast at all- my heart is not pure and doesn't see the needs of people, no it is by the Lord's loving grace that He grants me to see and pursue the needs of the people in this city.

Building relationships with people of all sorts is a good way to show the unrelenting love and relationship that Christ desires to have with His creation. Okay well I will stop preaching it...that is not my intent to write a sermon, maybe just to release ideas for you in your city and the places the Lord has put you in.

The other day I was driving home from work and I saw a homeless lady. The strange thing about this situation was the homeless women was not on a street were you would normally see a homeless person asking for food or something. No this was in the suburbs on a less busy street. I looked for my bags of chips and drinks I usually have stalked in my trunk but realized I had ran out, so I shrugged and continued on my way. I had to get going to a meeting and had to grab dinner quick but I did a U turn and rolled my window done. I asked her if she was hungry and wanted some McDonalds. She was so excited and ran over to the McDonalds before I could even make it over. There in the building I talked to her about her life as she ate her chicken nuggets. She is a single mother of two and was in the area because of two job interviews. She showed me a picture of her tow children- I wrote their names down some place but can't find them for this post. I left McDonalds more stuffed then if I would have ate! The Lord desires to bless us in serving others. It always amazes me how when we serve we are the ones who recieves the most blessing.

-Just a tid bit of info- with winter coming soon, it is a great idea if you desire to help the homeless to buy some gloves and some non perishables and put them in your car to give to those on the corners with signs. It truly makes their week! I know I have talked to them and they truly are blessed. You may think they get alot especially during the rushes of lunch hours or leaving work hours but the reality is they normally don't. Ten dollars can go a far way.... just think 3 mochas could end up buying couple pairs of gloves, a stocking hat, pringles, and some sanitize lotion.

Hope you are encouraged today of how the Lord keeps pursuing His city. Be blessed and may you know that Christ is seeking to bring you joy and contentment to your struggles. Invite Him into your everyday issues-even those you don't think are that big of a deal and be ready to be blown away as you rest in His loving and faithful arms!

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